1001 ideas for a Cosmic Christmas

Ah the joys of Christmas shopping. Scurrying about town, scouring the shelves in a frantic attempt to satisfy the varied tastes of your friends and family… Flag that! Just go to Cosmic!

Whether you’re looking to spend a few token bucks or dig deep for something special, you’ll find it at Cosmic. Our product range is so diverse that there’s something for everyone.

Check out this Facebook album of gift ideas if you need a little inspiration. Depending which store you visit, you might find books, jewellery, clothing, fashion accessories, bags, toys, games, watches, cameras, headphones, skateboards, smoking accessories, legal highs, cosmetics, contact lenses, foot-bags, kitchenware, juggling equipment, incense, music… That’ll do for now – just come and have a look and if you get here and can’t decide, just grab gift voucher!

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