We’re having a party!

To celebrate Cosmic’s 15th birthday, we’re having a do in the town where it all began! Tickets are limited so get in early!

It’s 15 years since Mark Carswell threw open the doors to his new business on High Street – Cosmic Corner. Since then we’ve dropped the “Corner”, opened a total of 9 stores in 4 cities and seen one reduced to rubble by mother nature… but for the most-part we’ve had one hella good time!

Now we’d like to invite you to join us in celebrating our 15th anniversary with some of our favourite local acts.

Rangiora’s favourite noisy power-popsters the Transistors are joined by sleaze rock maestros Sexy Animals along with the DJ styles of Soul Trader, Funkysorearsewrecks and DJ Hairdresser on Fire.

Be there or be somewhere else (not having as much fun as you would have had you attended as previously recommended). Tickets are available from Cosmic at The Palms and the Cashel St Container store, or online at Cosmic Ticketing.

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